What is Cricket


What is Cricket?

Cricket is a floor and ball game played at a focal point between two groups of eleven players on a 20 yard (22 yards) field with one wicket for each wicket.

Three bulls are balancing on one. Dull.

When hitting, the score is count, and the ball is thrown onto the wicket with the racket, while the bowling and field-side try to stop it and get every player out (so that it is “out”).

Rejection methods include being brave when the ball hits the stumps and knocking out the shots, and the ball found after the ball is run by the handle side, even before it hits the ground.

At this point, when ten players have released, the inning ends, and the groups swap jobs. The game is mediated by two referees, who are supported by the referee and the referee in international matches. He speaks to two goal scorers outside the field who are recording game statistics

World cricket in the 20th century:

Between the war years, probably the Australian Don Bradman. Before World War II, Test Cricket continued to expand in West India (1928), New Zealand (1930), and India (1932), as well as Pakistan (1952), Sri Lanka (1982), and Zimbabwe (20th century). 1992), Bangladesh (2000), Ireland and Afghanistan (both 2018) in the post-war period. South Africa was excluded from international cricket from 1970 to 1992 as part of a colorful blacklist.

Play area:

What is Cricket?

Basic gameplay: Batsman to Bowler:


During regular play, thirteen players and two referees are on the field. Two of the players are batsmen, and the rest are among the eleven in each handling group. The other nine players in the percussion group are off the field in the pavilion.

The overlay image below shows when the ball is thrown, and workers are on or near the top of the field.

This photo is taken during the World Cup match between Australia and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s Murtaza Murali Dharan plays with the Australian batsman Adam Gilchrist.


Game type:

There are three types of matches.

Test game
One day match
T-20 match


The International Cricket Council (ICC), based in Dubai, regulates cricket around the world.

It was founded in 1909 by representatives from England, Australia, and South Africa as the Imperial Cricket Conference renamed the International Cricket Conference in 1965 and changed to its current name in 1989.

In 2017 there were 105 ICC member countries, 12 of which have full registration and can play test cricket.

The ICC is responsible for the management and administration of crucial international cricket competitions and various forms of the People’s Cricket World Cup. Referees and referees who manage all supported friendly matches, limited international caps, and Twenty20 caps are also selected.

In West India, an organization of countries for cricket reasons,

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